Vapouriz Ltd

Henley Business Park offers modern warehouse and office accommodation and serves as a busy base for many storage and manufacturing services. Vapouriz Ltd is located in the business park and occupies more than 25,000 sq ft of warehouse space, across one building.

Busy warehouse locations require clear and bold demarcation across the site in order to offer a safe environment for the many visitors, contractors and employees using the warehouse. That’s why Vapouriz Ltd called in Central Line Marking to apply clear, bold lines to improve visibility as well as health and safety – its number one concern.

With Vapouriz operating a busy warehouse to serve thousands of customers, Central Line Marking needed to ensure minimal disruption to the business’s operation during the project.

Outside, the car park required clear demarcation to improve the overall usability of the car park for less-abled passengers, improvement of traffic management and of course health and safety. Accessible parking bays were clearly defined and pedestrian walkways were made more pronounced to improve the safety of people on foot both in the car parking area as well as the front of the building too.

Inside the warehouse, directional line markings were used to remove confusion and ease navigation of the large-capacity warehouse – helping to make it clear where the hatching areas were located and where pedestrians can and can’t walk.

Paul Thorp, Facilities Manager, Vapouriz, said: “We have worked with Central Line Marking for more than two years. They have an excellent track record of delivering their projects on time and to budget. Throughout the project they used the very best technology and utilised a combination of materials to ensure the internal and external spaces are clearly marked with hard-wearing materials that deliver the very best, bold line marking solution.

“Throughout the project, Central Line Markings managed our expectations effectively. Work was completed quickly and accurately and with a professional and skilled team on site at all times.”