Hot-Applied Thermoplastic line marking is a durable and practical technology that is best suited to tarmac and asphalt surfaces and perfect for use where highly visible road markings are required, such as safer driving at night. It enhances retro-reflectivity allowing line markings to be easily seen at night through reflection from car head lights. This product is commonly used for new highway markings, carparks, footpaths, cycle lanes and airports and our skilled workmanship means that we use the very latest techniques to ensure that we provide our customers with the highest standards.

Hot-Applied Thermoplastic is environmentally and user safe and is now available in white, yellow, green, red, and blue as well as various levels of luminance, it is skid resistant and the line markings are durable and long lasting.

Hot Applied Thermo Plastic Line Marking
Hot Applied Thermo Plastic Line Marking

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