Central Line Markings has extensive experience working on projects for both the public and private sectors including motorways, airports schools and county councils. Working for Maltaward Ltd, a Civil Engineering, Barrier and Security Contractor, they have carried out both small and large-scale work across a range of barrier installation projects.

Concrete barriers, blocks and safety barriers are an effective way to prevent unauthorised access. They protect construction workers by creating a high level of containment, by restraining stray vehicles from entering a work zone.

Jim Treacy, Operations Manager, said: “Central Line Markings has worked for Maltaward Ltd for more than 10 years, they offer a good and reliable service and have worked across a range of projects including carpark demarcation and pedestrian walkways. They have also worked on construction sites where safety barriers have been erected and where highly visible line markings have been useful for re-directing vehicles into new traffic patterns during different phrases of construction.”

Central Line Markings has extensive line marking experience and only use the very best technologies to ensure that construction sites operate safely in close proximity to busy roadways.